When you decide you want to join Cloud City, you’ll first select and build your costume. Depending on which costume you choose, there are endless possibilities for sourcing either the materials to make things yourself or finished pieces to purchase that you just have to fine-tune. Costuming is a great way to learn new skills, so don’t be intimidated if you don’t know how to make something. If you want to learn and are willing to get your hands dirty, we have members who will help you!

The second part of the fun in our group is wearing the fruits of your labor–your costume!–at local events. We have a huge variety of events to choose from each month, so we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll find great events to attend. Events are where the magic happens: You’ll be directly involved in delighting event attendees and creating lifelong memories. You’ll bond with other members, build new friendships and connections, and support special causes within your community.

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There’s a costume for everyone in the Star Wars universe! Learn more about how to become a member of the 501st Legion and Cloud City Garrison.

Costume Reference Library

501st costumes are built to documented specifications before they are approved for membership. Browse the costumes and their requirements here.

CCG Roster

We have a huge variety of costumes in Cloud City Garrison! Check out this listing of each of our current, active members.

Costuming Resources

501st costume detachments are one of the best places to get information about HOW to build a costume to 501st specifications. Find out more here.

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